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Welcome to Naturally Best Mobile Catering. We are a family run business and have over 30 years experience. We specialise in event and show catering and provide a professional service using high quality natural food, We have a team of friendly and efficient employees and practice excellent health and hygiene. We can provide you with a full food and drink court made up of various food types served from modern units to make your event a success.

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Our Services

The Sausage Shack

The Sausage Shack is our most unique outlet, boasting a BBQ style swing grill which ensures our speciality sausages are cooked to perfection.

Fish & Chips

Golden fried fish fresh from the fish mongers served from our diner style outlet with all your chip shop favourites.

Coffee & Cakes

Freshly ground coffee served hot and how you like it, feeling a bit sweet you can add any delicatessence from our range of cakes, cookies and waffles.

Street Kitchen

This is our multi purpose outlet, with the classic menu providing a range from burgers to soft drinks. We also offer breakfast rolls, hot drinks for the early morning event.


Our carvery outlet serves quality meats, slow cooked to the highest standard and served in a fresh roll.

Ice Cream

Bring the Sweet Shop to your door with our wide range of sweets that you can hand pick to your own desire, ice cold slush, popcorn and milk shakes, not forgetting the classic 99 and a selection of lollies.


The Southern Fried Chicken is one of our most popular outlets with a large variety of chicken slowly cooked to ensure quality and flavour.

Bar & Prosecco

Everybody loves a carvery, whether it be roast pork or chicken, this is definitely a unit for a larger appetite.